Jonathan Rollins

Instructor & Accounts Receivable Manager

Who is Jonathan Rollins?

Jonathan Rollins is a Science Teacher, Technology Coordinator, and Science Curriculum Coordinator at Ponaganset Middle School in North Scituate, Rhode Island. He has been teaching for over 18 years and has a passion for helping students learn. He is also an avid technology user and believes that technology can be a powerful tool for learning. In his various roles at Ponaganset Middle School, he works with other teachers and administrators to create, design, and problem solve issues that are encountered in their district. He also enjoys welcoming and piloting new programs, websites, and apps aimed at improving student learning. Jon has been a part time Instructor for EdTechTeacher with the VILS program and also is instrumental in scoring microcredentials.

Did you know that…

Jon and his wife have two boys and spend their weekends on the basketball courts and soccer fields!

Jon coaches AAU basketball in Rhode Island.

Jon’s family has two guinea pigs (Bella and Stella) and a bearded dragon (Bob).


Google for Education Certified

Microsoft Certified Educator

Formative Certified Educator

Newsela Certified Educator

Canvas Certified Educator

PLTW Certified Educator

Ways that Jon can Help!

Redesigning curriculum to meet the needs of 21st century learners.

Effectively implementing technology in classrooms. (Speciality – Secondary Science Education)