Services for Educators and Schools

Professional Development

  • EdTechTeacher brings our expertise to schools for personalized professional development through In-Person Workshops, Virtual Training, Webinars, and Self-Paced Online Courses. We offer a wide variety workshop options for all grade levels, while tailoring them to your specific needs and budget. In addition to edtech related workshops, (ie: iPad, Chromebook, Google, Microsoft) we offer training in Project Based Learning, Mastery Learning, Design Thinking, MakerSpaces, Differentiated Learning, Digital Citizenship, Leadership, and more.   
  • EdTechTeacher works onsite with schools and districts throughout the school year both by offering individual, custom workshops or for extended periods of time through our full-year Next Generation Teacher + Program. With the latter, we offer a combination of face to face workshops, online modules and live webinars as well as ongoing support. Participants can also earn graduate credit through accredited universities. We designed this program to help build professional capacity in schools and develop a cohort of powerful teacher leaders. 
  • Our trainers all have extensive experience teaching in the classroom as well as working and directly with schools to understand the needs and culture of the learning environment.

Training For Instructional Coaches

  • Coaching is at the heart of an excellent professional learning model. EdTechTeacher offers professional development and a PLN for Coaches. Building a successful model starts with a system wide commitment by district and school leadership to provide coaching to all teachers. 
  • This year-long coaching cohort aims to support Instructional and Technology coaches who represent a range of experience and skill sets, from newbie to ninja! Instructors will provide tools, resources, and a supportive environment among coaching peers to discuss the triumphs and challenges of the coaching role in districts across the country. All participants will have a voice in discussions and help to shape our collaborative coaching PLN.

EdTech Needs Analysis

  • Through this program, EdTechTeacher will evaluate your edtech ecosystem (hardware, edtech software, usage data, teacher feedback and more) and provide a detailed report with recommendations on ways to enhance your institutional capacity for effective technology integration. 

Grant Writing

  • EdTechTeacher has a proven track record of helping schools develop and win grants and RFPs.  Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about the grant writing process and can help your school or district access valuable grant funding.  

Services for Businesses & Organizations

Professional Learning Partnerships

  • EdTechTeacher works with leading edtech companies to design professional learning programming tailored to the edtech product or service and delivering onsite and remote training for customers through a strategic professional learning partnership.
  • We help edtech companies scale their professional development capacity to meet customer demand.

Research And Case Studies

  • EdTechTeacher conducts research necessary to make quality educational and product design decisions and support this research with current case studies.

Audit Of Software/Apps

  • EdTechTeacher can complete a full audit of the requested program based on specific criteria provided by the EdTech company then craft guidelines and guardrails that can be put into a best practices document for future product development. 

Learning Module Development

EdTechTeacher helps edtech companies design and build online learning modules for their customers. Examples of past modules include:

  • scripted lessons in a variety of online platforms,
  • asynchronous, online learning experiences,
  • embedded activities, videos, and reflection questions
  • competency-based assessments that align with the course content
  • a detailed facilitator guide for train-the-trainer implementation


  • EdTechTeacher has successful experience working with organizations to recruit and select candidates for a variety of programs and functions, including:
  • Develop an online application
  • Develop communications assets (e.g. social media campaigns)
  • Provide targeted outreach that recruits a diverse pool of applicants
  • Provide logistical support and responses to applicant questions
  • Provide initial review of applications and recommend candidates for interviews timeline

Micro-credential Development & Scoring

  • EdTechTeacher creates and design micro-credentials templates for our clients such as “Move Forward with Hybrid Learning” and “Creating Digitally Inclusive and Accessible Learning Experiences.”
  • Then EdTechTeacher continues to evaluate completed mico-credentials by reviewing micro-credential submissions and re-submissions.
  • EdTechTeacher will review and provide feedback on each micro-credential submission within 7-10 days while responding to other issuer inquiries on their assessments within a reasonable amount of time.

“Instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful, and flexible. “

-Cheryl Cox

Adams Middle School

New Full Year AI Teacher Cohort!

Ten 90-minute sessions over the school year will each dive into specific aspect of AI in education and give educators a chance to apply what they have learned.