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We are excited to announce the all-new EdTechTeacher Summer Learning Pass for 2023! Educators familiar with our last 20 years of high-quality workshops can now access EVERY workshop held this summer with one simple membership. We are conducting 15 amazing workshops over six weeks that consist of three live one-hour webinars and a host of helpful resources. Join us live for instruction and discussion or watch recorded sessions later, whatever works best for your summer schedule!

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Creativity & Student Expression

Student-Centered Learning

STEM & AI / Chat GPT

Advanced Digital Instruction


Teachers of all grade levels

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6 Weeks. 15 Workshops.

Between June 12th – July 28th, we are hosting multiple workshops – some are three sessions over a week while others are one-off bonus workshops. Check out the calendar for the details.

Join Live.

Summer Learning pass members can join any of these workshops live to participate with our world-class EdTechTeacher instructors and educators from across the globe. Before each week, we will email the schedule for the following week.

Or Watch Later.

All workshops will be recorded, so you can view them at any time along with helpful resources from each session. Access to the session recordings and resources will be available to Summer Learning Pass members until the end of the 2023.




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Each workshops meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of that week for one hour.

All webinar recordings & resources shared will be on the pages below available only to Pass Holders.

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Next Level PBL: Enhancing Project Based Learning with EdTech

Learn technology integration strategies and edtech resources that can help take your Project-Based Learning experiences to the next level! We will unpack each element of the PBL design process, from driving questions to student exhibitions, and explore powerful ways that edtech can enhance each phase of student projects. Join us to Level Up PBL!


Show Your Work: Equipping Students to be Content Creators

Teachers wear a lot of hats, but being an audience of one for student work doesn't have to be one of them. If students know that their published work will be seen by peers or a wider audience, they automatically have more skin in the game. You will see an increase in student motivation and engagement simply by providing opportunities for voice and choice. Come find out how to design learning experiences for your students that will allow them to creatively show what they know. Taking cues from Austin Kleon's book "Show Your Work" (2014), this workshop will provide insights…


We’ve Got this: A Happier and Healthier Start to the year with Bookwidgets for SEL

This immersive and interactive session is designed for educators, and other classroom professionals interested in creating engaging activities centered around CASEL’S framework for Social Emotional Learning.In this session you'll learn how to incorporate CASEL's evidence-based routines and practices into your lessons, using BookWidgets as a versatile tool to create engaging activities and adapt existing content to foster self-awareness, empathy, and strong interpersonal skills.Our expert panelists will guide you through practical applications of BookWidgets, showcasing how to create engaging, personalized learning experiences that foster self-awareness, empathy, and strong interpersonal skills aligned with your curriculum.

Integrating STEM into the Elementary Curriculum

Looking to integrate STEM into your elementary classroom? Look no further! STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are all essential subjects that all students need to learn, and a lack of these skills can negatively impact the future of our students. Students who participate in STEM based activities learn important skills such as creativity, teamwork, perseverance and critical thinking - all while having fun! In this engaging session, teachers will learn about the importance of incorporating STEM in the classroom and will be given the opportunity to create STEM based activities as well as have access to an activity…


Empower Every Learner to Show What They Know with Book Creator

Nothing should stand in the way of a learner showing what they know. Too many of our students fall through the cracks because they are limited by the tools and assessments used to evaluate them. Everyone can express what they know and how they know it using the accessibility features built right into Book Creator.


Amplifying UDL and Differentiation with EdTech

As learner differences grow in classrooms across the world, the ability to help meet all students' diverse needs can seem daunting. However, accessibility tools and edtech resources are helping educators meet the challenge in unprecedented ways! Using the CAST framework to guide our work, we will explore ways that edtech tools and strategies can help educators provide students with multiple means of engagement, representation, action & expression. Help all of your learners thrive!


Expressing Student Learning through Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling provides students with many avenues to find their voice and share their work with the world. In telling their stories students can demonstrate understanding, express themselves creatively, and learn powerful communication skills. Enhanced by a rich collection of classroom strategies and student examples, this course will help you to plan for using storytelling to asses learning, understand the building blocks of effective stories, and build a culture of storytelling in your classroom. Day 1: Video Recording Day 2: June 29 Day 2: Video Recording Day 3: June 30 Day 3: Video Recording Certificate of Completion

Google Level 2 Workshop: Advanced Uses of Google Workspace for Education

In this workshop led by Google for Education Certified Trainer Shawn McCusker, educators will learn the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass the Google Certified Educator Level 2 exam. Level 2 features more advanced uses of Google for Education and is designed for educators that are ready to take their technology integration skills to the next level.


Building Community in Your Classroom – SEL in Action

Teaching the whole child necessitates addressing and equipping students with social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. SEL is more than just an add-on--SEL skills can and should be embedded into instructional practices so that students eventually master these important skills. Based on the CASEL Framework, this workshop will highlight strategies and activities (tried and tested both in-person and virtually) that have helped students develop relationships and a sense of community with their peers. Student samples and lesson ideas will illustrate SEL skill development in action.


Ready, Set, Coach: An Introduction to Coaching for Newbies

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LIVE SESSIONS FOR THIS WORKSHOP WILL BE 4:00pm ET - 5:00pm ET In this immersive workshop, you will gain access to a powerful coaching curriculum, an expansive professional network, and implementation resources that will help build a successful coaching program in your school or district. Learn how to define and establish a coaching culture, build and nurture relationships with teachers, and implement practical coaching strategies across various educational contexts.


Digital Creativity with Adobe Express!

Learn how you and your students can enhance digital creativity with Adobe Express for Education! We will explore a wide variety of practical lesson ideas that build off of the versatile and user-friendly Adobe Express platform (ttps:// Topics will include: Developing engaging presentations, visual storytelling with video, image editing and infographics, student portfolio websites, and more! Examples will be shared across all grade levels and content areas. Join us to teach the joy of creativity! Day 1 Slides Day 1 Recording Day 2 Slides Day 2 Recording Day 3 Slides Day 3 Recording Certificate of Completion


Powerful Learning Experiences with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are unique and powerful platforms for learning experiences and digital storytelling. Are you curious how VR and AR could be used as a learning tool? Have you not explored this technology because you thought AR/VR technologies were beyond the skill level or budget for your classroom or school? In this session, we will introduce you to AR/VR tools that are free and easy to implement. We will discuss several AR/VR tools that you can implement in your classroom right away to help content come alive.


Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Feedback

This session will take users through how Formative helps educators give - and receive! - feedback from learners in real time. We will look at auto grading and AI hint generation, both of which help support student learning and give educators the opportunity to provide immediate, targeted multimodal feedback.

Coding in the Elementary Classroom

Can elementary students learn to code? You bet! Research has shown that there are countless benefits to learners learning how to code at a young age. These benefits include teaching students problem solving, sequencing and logical thinking skills, perseverance and the ability to think creatively. Join us in this engaging session as we discuss web based coding tools, screen free coding and robots! Day 1 Slides Day 1 Recording Day 2 Slides Day 2 Recording Day 3 Slides Day 3 Recording Certificate of Completion


Move Beyond the Slidedeck: Exploring Creative and Fun Student Projects and Presentations

Are you tired of seeing the same PowerPoint or Google Slide presentations from your students year after year? If so, you can help break the monotony of student projects by encouraging creative ways for students to demonstrate their learning. Come join us as we explore different types of project and presentation tools and methods that will make learning (for them) and grading (for you) more fun. Student samples and lesson ideas will illustrate how projects and presentations can move beyond the slidedeck.


Bonus Workshop! Artificial Intelligence and GPT in Schools

Artificial Intelligence is impacting education in powerful ways and at blitzkrieg speed. AI in education is taking the form of personal tutors, dialogue simulators, AI-assisted subject and topic apps, art creation tools, course management platforms, automated writing systems, and more. Recently, an AI assistant called ChatGPT was introduced that can write essays, poetry, and code, roleplay, explain difficult concepts, and more. Educators are concerned that students will use this AI to cheat on assignments and become unmotivated to learn. So, how can educators adapt and leverage AI effectively for teaching and learning? What are the AI tools available now and what do we expect to be…


New Full Year AI Teacher Cohort!

Ten 90-minute sessions over the school year will each dive into specific aspect of AI in education and give educators a chance to apply what they have learned.