A Blended Learning

Approach to PD 

At EdTechTeacher, we strongly believe that successful technology integration in schools requires ongoing, sustained professional development.



One instructor leads up to 30 teachers from a school or district that form a foundation and support network.


Your instructor comes to your school to facilitate hands-on workshops throughout the school year.



Instructors continue to work with teachers virtually via Live Webinars throughout continue the program.


Teachers work their way through material online with guidance and one-to-one coaching with our instructors. 

“I truly enjoyed the full-year program! I found it to be informative, extremely helpful and it made me eager to use the technology in my classroom now and in the future.”

– Full-Year Course Participant



Our Full-Year Professional Development programs are customized for each school’s needs and interests. Below are a sample of options that we can provide. Don’t see a topic that you are looking for? Reach out to us any time for a free consultation call!


Next Generation Teacher +

Next Generation Teacher+ is our signature yearlong program (formally known as T21), designed to incorporate the best of in-person and online learning into one comprehensive professional development experience aimed at increasing student engagement and teacher satisfaction. We specialize in supporting schools with implementing school wide initiatives in Student-Centered Learning (SCL) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Through our expert guidance, we empower educators to create inclusive, engaging, and innovative learning environments that leverage technology to promote student success and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

logo for Google for Education EdTechTeacher Partner

Google Workspace for Education 

Our Google Workspace for Education program leaves participants with a keen understanding of Google Apps for Education, greater confidence, increased knowledge and skills, practical activities for integrating Google apps into the curriculum, and a readiness to take a leadership role in promoting thoughtful technology use in classrooms. 

Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner Logo

Microsoft for Education

Throughout this T21 course, we will take a hands-on approach to understanding the Office 365 platform and how we can use the tools available to create learning environments that engage students, foster collaboration, and increase productivity and communication. Course participants will ultimately modify and adapt their existing classroom practice to leverage Office 365 tools in their classroom to transform instruction and the student experience. 

Personalized Learning EdTechTeacher

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning will take a hands-on approach to understanding Personalized Learning and how to use its principles to create learning environments that engage students, foster curiosity, and encourage a collaborative approach to solving problems. Ultimately, participants will modify and adapt this process to best fit their curriculum so that they can encourage students to engage deeply with curricular content and take ownership of their learning. Participants will be given time to explore, practice and refine their skills in the workshop.

Project Based Learning EdTechTeacher Full Year Program

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is a framework to create a classroom environment that sparks engagement, research, problem solving, collaboration and authentic student work. Course participants will ultimately redesign existing course units into Project Based Learning experiences that are guided by a carefully crafted driving question to guide student research and exploration. 

Coaching EdTechTeacher

Train the Trainer (For Instructional Coaches)

Effective professional development can take many forms, but planning professional development should minimize dealing with the “nuts and bolts” and focus on reflection and pedagogy. This process takes time and is a continuous investment throughout the school year and beyond. The key is facilitating collaboration and communication amongst educational peers and exposing them to successful reflection practices both inside and outside of the institution. If we help teachers interact and reflect, both onsite and online, we help them grow professionally. 

EdTechTeacher Leadership

Leadership Program

As technology and globalization transform our economy and civic sphere, school administrators and educators must rise to the challenge of preparing students for an ever more complex and cognitively demanding world. The program outlines steps school and district leaders can take to nurture school and district cultures that promote effective and conscientious innovation — specifically in tech-laden learning environments.



One Day  August-September 

Workshop I

Instructor comes to your school before the school year to kick off the program with a hands-on workshop and introduction to the online courses.

Starting from  September-October 

Online Modules 1-3

Weekly modules are opened to guide teachers through course work to be completed independently online with discussion board participation and guidance from our staff.

One Hour  October 

Live Webinar I

Instructors hold a live video conference for cohort participants to introduce new content and provide a pathway for discussion and engagement.

Ranging  November-December 

Online Modules 4-6

More weekly modules are opened to guide teachers through course work to be completed independently online with discussion board participation and guidance from our staff.

One Day  December-January 

Workshop II

A midyear visit from the instructor develops the program with another hands-on workshop and opportuninity for one on one coaching.

Ranging  February-March 

Online Modules 7-9

Continuing the online course work and discussion board participation.

One Hour  March

Live Webinar II 

Instructors hold another live video conference.

Ranging from  April – May 

Online Modules 10-12

Continuing the online course work and discussion board participation.

One Day  May – June 

Workshop III

Wrap the year with a final hands-on workshop to discover all the ways to go from here and discuss face-to-face strategies for the future. 

Due  End of Year 

Final Project

To complete the course and receive graduate credit, cohort participants must complete a final project and a reflection paper to be turned into their instructors.

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New Full Year AI Teacher Cohort!

Ten 90-minute sessions over the school year will each dive into specific aspect of AI in education and give educators a chance to apply what they have learned.