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New Google Educator Certification Training Course! (Level 1 & 2)

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In this 5-week program, Google Certified Trainer and world-class instructor Tom Driscoll will teach educators everything they will need to know to effectively pass the Google Level 1 and Level 2 Educator Certification exams! We guarantee that educators will leave this program with greater skill and confidence teaching in Google Workspace environments!

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From Google Educator and Admin certification programs to workshops featuring the latest in Google Workspace for Education tools and features, we have what you are looking for!

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Jamboard Transition Resources for Teachers 

Google recently announced that Jamboard is winding down in 2024 (Details here) and educators across the world are now in search of viable alternatives. In this post, we provide suggestions and resources for three powerful white boarding alternatives that integrate seamlessly with Google for Education.

Google Workspace Offer 2023

New Google Workspace Offer (Get Free ETT PD!) 

We are excited to announce a new Google Workspace offer for 2023! If you purchased G Suite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE) on a promotional discount & you commit to transition to Education Plus in 2023, you are entitled to get FREE PD services from us at EdTechTeacher!

10 Overlooked Google Workspace Skills that Can Make a Difference in Your Classroom 

Some features of Google Workspace are just hiding in plain sight, waiting to be discovered. EdTechTeacher’s Shawn McCusker shares 10 Google Workspace skills that are powerful yet overlooked.

Communication & Support for Families 

There are powerful ways that educators can leverage digital technologies and resources to help support families.

Creating Station Rotations with Google for EDU 

Station Rotations are one of the most effective classroom strategies that educators can integrate into their practice to support personalized, differentiated, and high-quality student learning.  According to the research from The Learning Accelerator, by using flexible grouping strategies such as station rotation, teachers provide access to learning materials in a variety of ways, which supports the learner variability found in every classroom.  Utilizing these types of differentiated instructional strategies, teachers can create opportunities for students to take ownership of their learning. In this video, EdTechTeacher instructor, Tom Driscoll, leads an exploration of the technique, purpose, and impact of the station…

Utilizing Google Sheets to Design Learning Experiences in the Secondary Classroom 

Google Sheets offers a variety of options for designing learning experiences that facilitate the monitoring of student progress, as well as opportunities for giving timely and effective feedback.

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New Full Year AI Teacher Cohort!

Ten 90-minute sessions over the school year will each dive into specific aspect of AI in education and give educators a chance to apply what they have learned.