EdTechTeacher Coaching Collaborative

A year-long cohort aimed at supporting Instructional and Technology Coaches by creating a space for collaboration, reflection, and networking.

Graduate Credit and PDP Points Available.

This year-long cohort aims to support Instructional and Technology coaches who represent a range of experience and skill sets, from newbie to ninja! Instructors will provide tools, resources, and a supportive environment among coaching peers to discuss the triumphs and challenges of the coaching role in districts across the country. All participants will have a voice in discussions and help to shape our collaborative coaching PLN.

How it Works

2023- 2024 Dates:

October: 10/11, 10/25

November: 11/1, 11/15, 11/29

December: 12/13

January: 1/10, 1/24

February: 2/7, 2/21

March: 3/13, 3/27

April: 4/10, 4/24

May: 5/8, 5/22

All meetings are 7 – 8PM EST held on Google Meet. All participants must have a Google account. Assignments for graduate credit will be due on Google Classroom prior to the second monthly meeting.

Monthly Meeting #1

The first meeting of each month will focus on delivering content and strategies to coaches focused on selected topics. 

Monthly Meeting #2

During the second monthly meeting, we will share work among peers, and participate in open discussion in a coaching cohort format.

Watch our Free Intro Session!

Earn Credit

Professional Development Points and Grad Credit

Participants can earn up 40 or 70 PDPs or an optional Graduate Credit from Worcester State University.

40 PDPs require 5 hours per month:

  • Attend the meetings (2 hours) 
  • Complete three monthly assignments (3 hours)

70 PDPs or Graduate Credit require 8.5 hours per month

  • Attend the meetings (2 hours) 
  • Complete three monthly assignments (3 hours)
  • 3.5 hours total of asynchronous assigned reading, listening, watching, project and reflection
Participants opting for Grad Credit: Choose one of the following to read throughout the cohort:
  • The Complete EdTech Coach by Adam Juarez and Katherine Goyette
  • The EdTech Coaching Primer by Ashley McBride 
  • The Impact Cycle by Jim Knight
  • The Instructional Playbook by Jim Knight
  • The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching by Jim Knight
  • The Art of Coaching by Elena Aguilar
  • Coaching for Equity by Elena Aguilar

Optional Graduate Credit from Worcester State University is $375.

Meet the Instructor

Jen‌ ‌Thomas‌

Jen Thomas is the Professional Learning and Program Coordinator for MassCUE. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Bates College in 2000, a Master of Arts degree in Musicology from Tufts University in 2002, and a Master of Science degree in Library Science from Simmons College in 2005. A passionate technology educator, she began her career as a library media specialist and later shifted into the role of instructional technology specialist. After almost two decades working in schools, she decided it was time to give back to an organization that supported her career and is now thrilled to be part of the MassCUE team. Jen is dedicated to empowering teachers and students and has a strong interest in planning and delivering professional development in all aspects of educational technology. Jen is a Google Certified Educator, Google Certified Coach, and Google Certified Trainer. She resides in Rhode Island with her husband, Charlie, and their three children, Cooper, Noah, and Caroline.

[email protected] 


Detailed Topics Schedule

September 11th: Free Intro Session

Interested in learning more about the program and meeting out instructor Jen Thomas before committing? Join us for a free intro session on September 11th at 7pm!

October: Coaching Culture: What Coaching Is and What Coaching Is Not

  • 10/11: Meet and Greet Surveys, Services Menus, Clarifying Coaching Roles, Appointment Scheduling, Communicating Coaching Services to Teachers, Establishing Coaching Role as a Leadership Role 
  • 10/25: Coaching Culture Discussion, Sharing New Materials (Submitted Assignments), Q&A.

November: Building Relationships: Coaching Strategies to Reach All Teachers 

  • 11/1: Understand different teacher personality types, strategies to effectively collaborate with each personality, understand the “less is more” concept, reaching all teachers.
  • 11/15 Topics: Building Relationships Discussion, Sharing New Materials (Submitted Assignments), Q&A

December: Coaching Cycle Deep Dive

  • 11/29: Google Coaching Cycle 5 Step Deep Dive: Identify, Investigate, Select, Implement, Reflect
  • 12/13: Coaching Cycle Discussion, Sharing New Materials (Submitted Assignments), Q&A

January: Juggling it all: Tools to Support Time Management, Communication & Organization 

  • 1/10: Data Tracking, Coaching Documentation, Calendar Management, Managing Multiple Cycles, Portable Apps (using your phone), Coaching Apps and Extensions
  • 1/24: Juggling Discussion, Sharing New Materials (Submitted Assignments), Q&A

February: Finding your Wolf Pack: Tips to Create & Build a Coaching PLN

  • 2/7 Topics: Purpose and Importance of PLN, Isolation and Coaching, Social Media, Helpful Blogs/Pages/Podcasts, Who to Follow, YouTube, Conferences
  • 2/21 Topics: PLN Discussion, Sharing New Materials (Submitted Assignments), Q&A

March: Shifting Practice: How Coaches Can Impact Teaching and Learning

  • 3/13: Utilize the coaching process to increase student engagement, Before and After Shift Exemplars, teacher testimonials to demonstrate impact of coaching on teaching and learning.      
  • 3/17: Shifting Practice Discussion, Sharing New Materials (Submitted Assignments), Q&A

April: Coaching Campaigns: Reaching Teachers in New and Meaningful Ways

  • 4/10: Purpose of Coaching Campaigns, Creating Campaign Objectives, Communicating Campaign to Teachers, Incentives to Increase Participation, Creating Meaningful Professional Development, Campaign Examples
  • 4/24: Coaching Campaigns Discussing, Sharing New Materials (Submitted Assignments), Q&A

May: SMART Goals: Establishing the Coach’s Role as a Leader While Supporting District Initiatives

  • 5/8: Supporting School and District Initiatives, Creating and implementing pre-approved SMART goals, the Coach’s Role as a Leader.
  • 5/22: SMART Goals Discussion, Sharing New Materials (Submitted Assignments), Q&A

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