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Full-Year AI in Education Cohort!

Join educators from around the world during ten 90-minute sessions throughout the 2023-2024 school year. Each session will dive into a specific aspect of AI in education and provide educators with opportunities to apply what they have learned. Individual educator and group registrations are available!

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Join us for our new series of engaging live workshop sessions! Recordings and presentations will be provided to all registered participants. Our series includes the following 5-week courses:

AI for Elementary Teachers

AI Social Studies Teachers

AI for Science Teachers

AI for School, District and IT Leaders

& More Coming Soon!

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MassCue 2023 Features Speakers

MassCue Fall Conference 2023 Session Resources 

EdTechTeacher is excited to be back presenting at the MassCue Fall Conference at Gillette Stadium! One of the best edtech conferences in the nation, MassCue has always proven to be an amazing event that showcases the best in educational technology and digital learning strategies.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips Part 10 - Feedback

ChatGPT Teacher Tips  Part 10 – Feedback 

By leveraging ChatGPT, teachers can enhance the feedback process, provide personalized guidance, and support students in the learning process. Teachers can leverage ChatGPT to formulate feedback on student work or allow students to receive feedback from ChatGPT on their own. ChatGPT can generate feedback that is tailored to individual needs and teachers can input assessment criteria to target specific areas for feedback. 

ChatGPT Teacher Tips Part 9 – Summarizing 

ChatGPT can summarize thousands of words in seconds and can be used to summarize long texts such as news articles, academic papers, and even short books. ChatGPT can also be leveraged to translate and summarize articles in select other languages into English.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips Part 8 – Creative Writing 

ChatGPT can be used to generate writing prompts and writing suggestions that can provide ideas, inspiration and motivation for students working through parts of the creative process. It can serve as a brainstorming assistant that serves up a steady stream of ideas to provide students with more flexibility in story development and help move their writing forward.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips Part 7 – Language Learning 

ChatGPT can provide personalized language instruction to students and can adapt to their individual needs, interests, and proficiency levels. So, students can leverage ChatGPT as a language practice partner.

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Learning to Teach with AI a Small Bite at a Time 

The rollout of new AI tools has been so fast-paced that it is hard to keep up with every one of the tools that enters the market. My personal list fizzled out once it reached 120 tools and when I had the realization that AI will be everywhere.

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New Full Year AI Teacher Cohort!

Ten 90-minute sessions over the school year will each dive into specific aspect of AI in education and give educators a chance to apply what they have learned.