“They have a clear vision of how technology can leverage student learning.”


Superintendent of Windsor Central Supervisory Unit

Woodstock, VT


Hear what they have to say:

“Since their days teaching at the Noble and Greenough School, EdTechTeacher founders, Tom Daccord and Justin Reich, have been pioneers in transforming teaching with technology. Over the last fifteen years, along with their EdTechTeacher colleagues, they have shared their wisdom and experience widely throughout the independent school world. For the schools and teachers that have engaged deeply with their work, they have been powerful catalysts for change.”

Robert P. Henderson, Jr.

 Former Head of School

Noble and Greenough School

Dedham, MA


Hear what they have to say:

“EdTechTeacher’s Justin Reich is a Deerfield graduate and has returned to campus several times over the years to consult with our faculty on innovation and technology integration. His expertise and insights have brought immediately usable practices to faculty and administrators alike.”

Peter Nilsson

 Director of Research, Innovation, and Outreach

Deerfield Academy

Deerfield, MA


Hear what they have to say

“EdTechTeacher has been one of the driving forces in Choate’s efforts to make effective use of technology in the service of great pedagogy. Their instructors have been regular contributors to our summer Technology and Learning Institute, and have helped our faculty better understand how technology tools empower students to learn in a more independent fashion. Also, we have sent a number of faculty to the EdTechTeacher annual conference in Boston since it regularly attracts some of the best minds in education. Both Tom Daccord and Justin Reich have been frequent advisers to me, personally, as Choate rolls out our major instructional technology initiatives.”

Joel Backon

 Director of Academic Technology/History

Choate Rosemary Hall

Wallingford, CT

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