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Harness the power of technology for school wide success with Next Generation Teacher+, a transformational approach to PD that teachers love.

World-Class PD Meets Award-Winning Online Learning

EdTechTeacher is a leading professional development provider in the U.S., having led PD for hundreds of thousands of teachers. Renowned for their world-class facilitators and innovative workshops, EdTechTeacher has a proven track record of success in over 1,000 schools across the country. A former version of this program called T21 has been a proven success and they are excited for this next generation of professional development.

New EdTech Classroom specializes in innovative online PD, boasting an audience of 200k+ educators and over 10 million views of their videos about technology integration on YouTube. Offers discovery-based courses that empower teachers, enhance student achievement, and foster professional growth. New EdTech Classroom has a proven track record of success with 1,000s of teachers having enrolled in their online courses


A Yearlong Plan, Customized to Your School’s Technology Integration Initiatives

Next Generation Teacher+ is our signature yearlong program (formally known as T21), designed to incorporate the best of in-person and online learning into one comprehensive professional development experience aimed at increasing student engagement and teacher satisfaction.

Elements of Program

  • Needs Assessment
  • Onsite Workshops
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Online Modules
  • Community
  • Coaching
Needs Assessment

We begin by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment to understand your school’s unique strengths, areas of growth, and requirements. Based on this analysis, we plan and coordinate a customized professional development program that aligns with your school’s vision, goals, and priorities.

Onsite Workshops

Next Generation Teacher+ includes three onsite workshops tailored to address your school’s specific needs. These interactive sessions provide hands-on training, expert guidance, and best practices for how to take a purpose-driven approach to technology integration.

Virtual Sessions

In addition to onsite workshops, we offer two virtual workshops that cover essential topics related to student-centered learning and technology integration. These workshops provide flexibility and convenience, allowing educators to learn and collaborate remotely, as well as get their questions answered.

Online Modules

Select 12 online modules from our library of courses. These self-paced, interactive learning experiences give educators the opportunity to practice using various apps and strategies in a safe environment, developing their skills and deepening their understanding of how and why to use technology.


Educators teach lessons using what they have learned and then share their new learning back with the community. Upon reflecting on what went well and what they could still improve upon, we help guide them toward determining what they should work on learning next. This reflective practice promotes continuous growth and development, empowering educators to adapt and evolve their teaching strategies to best support their students and achieve success in their SCL, UDL, and PBL initiatives.


We offer 15 hours of individualized online consulting and coaching support to assist teachers throughout the program. Our expert coaches provide personalized guidance and feedback, addressing challenges and ensuring success in implementing the strategies and technology tools acquired during the training.

Program Focus Areas

We specialize in supporting schools with implementing school wide initiatives in Student-Centered Learning (SCL), Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Project-Based Learning (PBL). Through our expert guidance, we empower educators to create inclusive, engaging, and innovative learning environments that leverage technology to promote student success and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

  • SCL
  • UDL
  • PBL

We equip educators with the knowledge and skills to create personalized, engaging, and collaborative learning experiences that leverage technology to enhance student autonomy and motivation. Through our training, teachers learn to effectively utilize digital tools and resources to facilitate active engagement, collaboration, and reflection. By implementing student-led learning through strategic technology integration schools can foster the development of self-directed, resilient, and adaptable learners, prepared to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.


We empower educators to create inclusive learning environments that cater to diverse student needs by leveraging education technology. Through comprehensive training, we guide educators in incorporating multiple means of representation, engagement, and action and expression into their teaching practices. By embracing technology and UDL principles, schools can reduce barriers to learning and ensure equal opportunities for all students to succeed.


We provide educators with the necessary tools and strategies to integrate technology effectively into PBL, fostering student-centered learning environments. By emphasizing real-world challenges, inquiry, collaboration, and authentic tasks, we help schools transform learning experiences and cultivate essential 21st-century skills. Our training enables educators to design, execute, and assess technology-infused PBL projects that promote critical thinking, creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills.


Research-Backed PD Strategies

We’ve taken everything the research says about effective professional development and incorporated into a one-of-a-kind program that combines world-class onsite workshops with award-winning online learning.

Discovery-Based Learning

We help teachers understand how and why programs work, teachers learn with the same apps they’ll use with students. use with students and find out which tools fit their needs. Apply new skills into real-world classroom scenarios, enhancing student outcomes.

Ongoing Suoport

Benefit from continuous support and resources for long-term growth and success. Access experienced mentors for personalized guidance, helping you confidently navigate the landscape of educational technology and enhancing student outcomes.

Community Based Learning

Collaborate with educators from around the country, sharing insights and experiences in implementing technology-driven solutions. Build lasting connections, expand your professional network, and continually improve your teaching strategies to drive student success.


We begin by introducing the key principles, benefits, and pedagogical strategies. Then we help educators understand the specific technological-pedagogical skills and knowledge needed in order to use technology for the purpose of student-centered learning.

Throughout, we focus on intentional technology integration, exploring various digital tools and resources that support student engagement, collaboration, and personalized learning.

We then allow teachers to apply what they’ve learned by creating authentic artifacts that they will use in the classroom. Where we then implement a reflective practice process that promotes continuous growth and development, empowering educators to adapt and evolve their teaching strategies to best support their students.

Transformational PD that Teachers Love

We help educators at all skill levels feel more confident and competent in teaching with technology by inspiring them to explore their creativity and re-discover the joy in lesson design. Our goal is to revitalize a sense of purpose by understanding the “why” behind technology integration.

Earn Certification

Upon completing our program teachers create a certification portfolio showcasing their learning and growth. This portfolio serves as a valuable resource for educators to demonstrate their skills and commitment to continuous professional development.

Earn Graduate Credits

Teachers participating in our custom plan have the option to earn three graduate credits from Framingham State University upon completion of the course and a final project. This opportunity allows educators to enhance their professional credentials while applying their newly acquired knowledge and skills in a meaningful way.

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