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New Google Educator Certification Training Course! (Level 1 & 2)

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In this 5-week program, Google Certified Trainer and world-class instructor Tom Driscoll will teach educators everything they will need to know to effectively pass the Google Level 1 and Level 2 Educator Certification exams! We guarantee that educators will leave this program with greater skill and confidence teaching in Google Workspace environments!

Price: $

We offer over 50 Google for Education workshops and certification programs!

From Google Educator and Admin certification programs to workshops featuring the latest in Google Workspace for Education tools and features, we have what you are looking for!

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What's Next in EdTech March 2022

What’s Next in EdTech – March Episode Now Live 

We are excited to announce that our new monthly EdTechTeacher show “What’s Next in EdTech” is now streaming live on Youtube! In each episode, we highlight exciting news and resources in the world of educational technology. Each fast-paced episode will be 15-20 minutes and include a show notes document that curates all of the resources mentioned during the episode.

Google Docs & Slides Features To Monitor Progress and Provide Feedback 

Google Workspace for Education is an awesome set of tools to support portfolio creation.  Watch the hour-long webinar to learn more!

Student Reflection & Digital Portfolios: Capturing Learning with Google Workspace for Education 

Google Workspace for Education is an awesome set of tools to support portfolio creation.  Watch the hour-long webinar to learn more!

Google Forms Features to Monitor Progress and Provide Feedback – for the Elementary Classroom 

Formative assessment strategies can be used to evaluate student understanding throughout the learning process. These strategies serve to collect timely and relevant academic data to inform instructional decisions by educators as they plan for instruction. Google Forms is a fantastic tool that can be used to design formative assessment opportunities.

Digital Workspaces & HyperDocs with Google Workspace for Education 

Over the past couple of years, educators have been immersed in creating digital assignments and workspaces to support students in a remote, online, or hybrid learning environment.   Whether we are remote or face to face with our students, digital tools can enhance the learning environment.  However, it is important to create exceptionally high quality digital workspaces that will support students in any type of learning environment.  There are many considerations for digital learning design.  To begin, a consistent unified location for instruction, learning materials, and activities is important.  Teachers should work to minimize distractions and maintain consistency of icons,…

Google Classroom Features to Monitor Progress and Provide Feedback in the Elementary Classroom 

Google Classroom provides educators with multiple opportunities to monitor student progress and provide timely, targeted feedback.

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New Full Year AI Teacher Cohort!

Ten 90-minute sessions over the school year will each dive into specific aspect of AI in education and give educators a chance to apply what they have learned.