Differentiation of Instruction with G Suite

Moving from an analog environment to a digital one has never been more important or easier. It can be challenging to design learning experiences which allow students voice and choice while providing opportunities to support diverse learning styles. Digital differentiation using G-Suite allows information to be presented in multiple ways and encourages students to take ownership of their learning. Join Rosey McQuillan and Avra Robinson as they explore a wide variety of strategies to enhance student access, provide for differentiation, and increase student productivity with G Suite for EDU.

If digital differentiation with technology and G Suite is a concept that you would like to explore in greater detail, consider joining us this summer for a hands on summer workshop experience. 

Click HERE to view our entire Summer 2019 Workshop Schedule

We are offering, “G-Suite: Supporting Diverse Learners in the Classroom” in both San Francisco and Boston.


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New Full Year AI Teacher Cohort!

Ten 90-minute sessions over the school year will each dive into specific aspect of AI in education and give educators a chance to apply what they have learned.