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New Google Educator Certification Training Course! (Level 1 & 2)

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In this 5-week program, Google Certified Trainer and world-class instructor Tom Driscoll will teach educators everything they will need to know to effectively pass the Google Level 1 and Level 2 Educator Certification exams! We guarantee that educators will leave this program with greater skill and confidence teaching in Google Workspace environments!

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Adding Private Mote Comments to the Comment Bank in Google Classroom 

Mote is a powerful Google Chrome Extension that allows audio recordings to be seamlessly included in a variety of Google environments including: the comments of Google Docs or Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Classroom.  In Google Classroom, Mote recordings can be a part of the instructions of an assignment, or they can be part of a Private Comment in the grading area.   Recently, while facilitating a workshop with some educators in the Reed-Custer School District in Illinois, a question arose about whether or not the private Mote comments could be added to the Comment Bank in Google Classroom…

Virtual Tours with Google for EDU 

As part of our EdTechTeacher Back to School webinar series, I recently led a “Virtual Tours with Google for EDU” session. You can check out the video archive of this 30-minute webinar here!

Teacher Appreciation Webinars 

Instead of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are making it a whole month with FREE EdTechTeacher webinars over the next few weeks.

Enhancing Curriculum through Google Earth 

Google Earth is a powerful, web-based tool that allows for students and teachers to explore the world, visualize data, develop critical thinking skills, and become creative communicators. Learn how to enhance the curriculum through Google Earth and other Google Geo resources.

Google Slides & Slides Toolbox as an Image Creator for Seesaw Activities 

Have you ever used Google Slides to create images?  Just like with Google Drawings, Slides has many tools that facilitate the creation of images.  From textboxes to shape and line tools, as well as the ability to change the background or insert photos, Google Slides can be a fabulous tool for teachers to create images to be exported and used in other environments.   When I want to create a single, stand-alone graphic or image, I tend to use Google Drawings, but when I want to create a batch of images that are similar – such as images with spelling or…

Personalizing Learning with Branching Google Forms 

Personalized learning creates a variety of challenges for teachers. Understanding the tools that can support the creation of a personalized path for each student is a key part of making it work. The article focuses on an often overlooked feature in Google forms that can help teachers do just that.

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